Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Dog Park, Puppy Class, Petco, First Bath :)

Today was a LONG day!

First, Mia and I met up with friends and went to Fleet Peeples Dog Park in Baldwin Park. It is definitely the coolest dog park I've ever seen! It's huge and it's right on Lake Baldwin so there's a big beach for the dogs to play in and also trails to hike through. DeAnna brought her two 65-pound dobie-mix "puppies" (they're only 7 months old!); Michelle came and helped DeAnna with her giant pups; Nicole brought her two pooches; and a couple other Animal Kingdom girls came with their dogs, a pit named Abby and a chow/lab puppy named Lucy. Mia had a ton of fun and so did I. There were a couple times she got a little too bossy with the other dogs in my opinion, so I had to scold her, but she mostly played really nice. She did seem to enjoy the water - she didn't get completely in though, I think it's still a bit too chilly! We also took a walk around the trail; she did really well following us, while playing with the other girls' dogs. I can't wait to take her again (and again, and again, ...)

Lots of pooches!

Testing out the waters with DeAnna's boys, Harvin & Wuerffel

Dog Park Pics

After leaving the dog park, we headed straight to the SPCA for a free puppy class. I was hoping to learn a few new tricks or techniques for training Mia, but I should have known it was going to be a common sense do-do class! We still had a good time though. The only other puppies that were there were 3 teeny little Yorkie pups (who were actually 2 months older than Mia!). After witnessing Mia's rough playing at the dog park, I was a little uneasy when they put the 4 of them together, however Mia was great with them. At first she didn't want anything to do with them, but after a while gave in and played a little bit.

"Um, Mom, what are these things? Get me the heck outta here!"

Posing for the camera

Still trying to figure out what they are exactly lol

Playing by herself - I don't blame her, those 3 were little yappers!

She did play with them for a little while :) Just try to ignore the guy asking how to play with his rottweiler puppy!

Mia was super tired after the dog park and puppy class, but I did have an errand to run at Petco so we spent about an hour walking around shopping for some new treats. Since I didn't get to show off all the behaviors she's learned so far at puppy class, we showed off at Petco. They really got a kick out of her!

After getting home at around 10pm, you'd think it was time for bed, but you'd be wrong. Mia got herself pretty muddy and gross at the dog park, so it was time for her first bath! I have a stand-up shower, so I figured I could just trap her in there with me and there wouldn't be much she could do about it. She definitely didn't love it, but she didn't fight me.

All Clean :)

NOW it's time for bed!

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  1. all the pictures are adorable, and loved the video too! but that last photo? priceless! TFS