Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Two fun days

We've had so much fun the last two days. Yesterday Mia and I met up with DeAnna and her two pups, Harvin and Wuerffel, at Fleet Peeples dogpark (the super awesome one!). Mia ran like crazy and was super worn out by the time we left. She was also super muddy!

dirty dog!

After leaving the dogpark and getting Mia home and fed, we headed over to DeAnna's and her husband Aaron's house for dinner. We left the 3 dogs outside in their backyard for a good 2 hours - if Mia had any ounce of energy after the dogpark, Harvin and Wuerffel took it from her then! She slept 11 hours last night :) She also met their two cats briefly, Chance and Azure. Chance is a sweetie, but Azure gave Mia a run for her money. At one point they disappeared around the corner, with Mia chasing Azure, and after running a lap around the house, it was Azure who was chasing Mia!

mean kitty!

Today I had the day off so I of course spent it with my little Mia Monkey. After getting some lunch we headed to Lake Eola again. It's a mile around the lake and we had time to do 3 laps. She was actually a little pull-y on the leash, which is new for her, so it was good to be able to work on that.

Lake Eola

On our way home from downtown, we went to my dad and Cathy's for a yummy lobster dinner. I got to show off her "roll-over" which I started with her yesterday. She's not 100% yet, but she's getting there and it's pretty darn cute! My dad said I need to upload a video of one of her training sessions to show off how smart she is, so that might be coming soon :)

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