Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Another Fun Day at Fleet Peeples

Mia had another fun day at Fleet Peeples Park with some of her favorite doggie friends. My roommates' Tommy and James and James's dog Ashes came with. We met up with DeAnna and her boys, Jen and her dog Abby, Liz and her dog Lucy, Melissa and her dog Philly, as well as Nicole and Michelle who came dog-less. As usual, Lucy and Mia had several little puppy play-scuffles (those two are obsessed with each other).

James got in the water to try to get Mia in a little deeper. His dog Ashes is obsessed with water so he had to hold her back a few times lol.

Mia fetching sticks in the lake

Mia, Lucy and Philly

Mia and Lucy with Abby

Just like at home!

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