Sunday, May 9, 2010

Lake Monroe

I'm always trying to think of new places to take Mia, so today I decided to head over to Lake Monroe in Sanford. It ended up being a nice day, but it was brutally hot!

We had lunch at The Willow Tree, an awesome dog-friendly German restaurant. Mia wore her Gator harness and of course our server ended up being a current UF student, so she automatically loved us :)

Check out that tongue, it was so hot outside!

Then we took a stroll around Lake Monroe - it was a pretty walk, but like I said, it was REALLY hot outside, so we didn't make it too far around. Also, I wanted to pull off to the side to get a picture of Mia and there ended up being ants everywhere! Both of us got attacked, poor Mia! She has at least 5 or 6 bites, but she's been acting fine.

I finally found a safer, ant-free photo spot to get a picture of Mia with the old docks

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