Sunday, November 7, 2010

Mia's 1st Birthday Party!!!

Even though I've only had Mia since February, her estimated birthday is in November, so you know I threw her a birthday party! I planned it for earlier in the month, trying to avoid colder temperatures, however we had a little cold front come through right before the weekend. It was still warm enough to be outside, and still warm enough for Mia and her best friend, Ashes, to get in the pool (but no other dogs or humans braved it). Her doggie friends in attendance were Nitro, Baxter, Lucy, Philly, Harvin, Wuerffel, Abby and of course, Ashes.

She is ready for her friends to arrive!

Mia ~ Baxter ~ Ashes ~ Nitro

Nitro was obsessed with Ashes and followed her around the entire day!

Philly ~ Wuerffel ~ Nitro ~ Ashes ~ Mia ~ Harvin

Patiently waiting to eat her birthday cake :)


Abby is not enjoying her party hat

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