Saturday, January 1, 2011

Bringing In The New Year At The Beach

It was forcasted to be beautiful weather (high 70s) on new years day, so going to the beach was the perfect way to bring in the new year. It wasn't hot enough to be bikini clad, nor was the water warm enough for me (it was 57 degrees!) but it was still a gorgeous day and Mia had absolutely no qualms with the water temperature. She had a great time fetching her sticks and chasing the catfish that were in the surf. She even managed to get two of them! She pinned them down, then didn't really know what to do with them so she let them go. Dad says they shouldn't be there in the first place, so he thinks they're either sick or cold-stressed, so that's probably why they weren't fast enough to get away.

Fetching her sticks

Mia's catfish

As usual, we saw lots of dolphins

This dog just loves to run!

Playing with a new friend

These two were a perfect match!

This was just too funny! It was a pretty busy day so I had to put her back on her leash at times. Here she is throwing a temper tantrum over it.

We found this fishhead laying on the beach. Mia immediately started burying it - I wonder if she's saving it for later?

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