Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Crate Update

It's been about a month since I started leaving Mia out of her crate, so how do you think she's done?! Here's an update:

~At first I left her just in my room. She did really well for a few days.

~Then I decided to let her have the whole house, with Ashes. Again, for a while she did really well

~About 2 weeks in, I came home to the trash can in the kitchen dumped over, with old left-overs no where in sight. While it could have been either dog, Ashes has never done anything like that so I have to assume it was my monkey. Plus, the smells that came out of my dogs butt that night didn't lie...

~After the trash can incident I decided to leave her just in my room again. She did well for about a week, but I discovered her desire to lay on any of my cloths laying around. If I left them on the dresser or desk, I'd come home to them on the floor or the bed. She didn't do anything to them, except she did manage to make a little tooth hole in a pair of my pajama shorts. I told her since she ruined them she had to wear them!

~Then came the day that I realized my monkey is not ready to be a big girl :( When I came home, I couldn't open my door. This is why:

While the damage isn't as bad as it looks (I just need to replace the foam and re-pin down the carpet, I can't afford any damage to a house I don't own. So back in the crate she goes! I don't feel that bad though, since she does actually seem to like her crate and will even go in there on her own a lot. I was just a very disappointed Mommy that night :(

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