Friday, January 21, 2011

Who Knew Mia Could Eat?!

Ever since she was about 5 months old, I've had a hard time getting Mia excited about dinner time. I feed her a good quality dog food (Natural Choice) and I refuse to do crazy things like mix in human food, add in crazy ingredients, etc. - my theory is, if she's hungry she'll eat! It is frustrating though, so I was complaining about it at work to some friends. One of them suggested adding hot water to her food. She's had success with it with many of her fosters who were finicky. I figured that was something easy to do so that night I tried it. Mia gobbled it down faster than she's ever done before! I've continued to do that every day for a few weeks and every single time, she's eaten it all in one sitting. She even gets excited now when I pick up her bowl.

So then I thought, "well, she's been eating so great lately, I'll see what happens if I don't add in the hot water." This is what happened.

"Um, excuse me Mom, but what is this crap you're trying to give me? I'm NOT interested!"

So then I picked up the bowl, took it over to the sink, added in some hot water, and this is what happened.

"OMG Mom, I don't know what you did to fix this, but now my dinner tastes amazing!"

I guess I'll be adding hot water to her food from now on...

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