Sunday, March 13, 2011

Another Beach Day

Yesterday was perfect weather so I headed up to the beach with Mia (big surprise!). We nabbed our favorite spot, and shortly after we arrived another couple also settled in there. Normally, I would be very annoyed by this, as "my" spot is kind of secluded, both sides being cut off by mangroves that go down to the water, however they had a very friendly boxer and made it clear they were ok with Mia being off-leash, so Mia got to have a play-buddy. Mia and Raleigh got along great all day. I of course took tons of pictures all day :)

Mr. Crab, looking very crabby

Mia meeting the crab - she couldn't have cared less

We found another crab, this time it was latched on to a jelly

Shake it off!

My stick dog :)

Mia and Raleigh

"Oh my, you are bigger than me!"

Mia getting chased = Mia in heaven

I love all their expressions :)

Another unique dorsal fin

The stalk...

...the hunt...

...the catch!

Dinner time!

Crappy picture of a sea turtle

Sea turtle swimming away

Sand dunes

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