Sunday, April 10, 2011

Agility - Week 5

Mia's fifth agility class was tonight and I have to say, it was not her best night! She's always been really interested in sniffing the field, however tonight that is ALL she wanted to do. We would be right in the middle of doing a few obstacles and she'd stop dead in her tracks and start sniffing everywhere. I will admit, it took a lot in me to not get really frustrated with her, after all agility is supposed to be fun! She did have a few good moments though, including her first time on the weeble board. She took it like a champ and didn't seem spooked at all (a few of the dogs seemed absolutely terrified of it!).

On our very first obstacle, Mia knocks over the hurdle, gets her leash tangled, and smashes up my finger...all so she can try to sniff! NOT a good way to start off the class!

An awesome shot of Mia waiting for her turn :)

A run through the chute

She didn't care that she was wobbling around at all on the weeble board

Is class over Mom? Great, now I can continue sniffing for "insert whatever it is Mia is looking for here"...

More Week 5 agility pictures

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