Monday, May 2, 2011

Agility Level 1 - Mia passed!

A few weeks ago was the last night of level 1 agility classes that Mia and I have been taking through Dog-On-It Agility. We did a series of small obstacles (jumps, tunnels, weeble board, chute, table, a-frame), as well as some obedience testing to see if the dogs would pass to level 2. I'm happy to say that Mia, as well as all of her new agility friends, passed! Mia was still extremely distracted and wanted to sniff everywhere (what am I going to do with this dog!?) but she still did all of her obstacles and of course aced her obedience work. I was also excited because Carl could come and watch so he got some really nice pictures. I'm always the one taking pictures all of the time, so it's hard for me to get pictures during agility.

Piper and Mia playing before class starts - I got there extra early hoping Mia would get some sniffing out of her system, but of course all she wanted to do was play with Piper, who also got there early. Oh Mia...

A little bit of picture posing before class starts :)

Obedience testing - ALL the dogs did fantastic!

Mia showing her two on/two off at the end of the a-frame

The tunnel

Yah, we passed!!!

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