Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Remembering Great Dogs

In the last year, 4 of my friends have lost their dog to cancer. I just wanted to share how wonderful these dogs were and how much they will be missed. I get emotional just thinking of the day when Mia is an old doggie and faces life-threatening illnesses. I know it's one of the hardships of owning a pet, I just hope it's a long long time from now until I have to face that.

I do not have a picture of Nicole's doberman, Dukes, nor did I ever get the chance to meet him. By the time Mia was ready to make new friends, he was starting to get sick. It was hard hearing Nicole's stories of Dukes's vet visits and everything she was going through trying to extend his life (he was getting chemotherapy treatments), and when she called in sick to work one morning, we all pretty much knew what had happened. It took some time, and a borrowed foster (from Jen, below), for Nicole to be ready to adopt again, but I'm happy to say that Ruby has found her way to an amazing doggie Mommy. Nicole and Ruby are doing great, and Ruby has made her way over to a few pool parties :)

Ruby has been to a couple pool parties now, but still isn't sure she likes the water!

Another friend, Jen, has recently lost one of her beloved greyhounds. Jen is another amazing doggie mommy and is a big supporter of greyhound rescue, owning several as well as fostering others. Again, I never got the chance to meet Goldie, but I know how much she meant to Jen and I remember how hard it was for Jen to make the decision to end Goldie's suffering. Her other dogs and birds are so lucky to have her!

What a lucky greyhound Goldie was to be rescued by Jen!

Neely also lost her German shepherd, Rosco, to cancer. Rosco was one of Mia's friends and was always welcomed over for doggie parties. He was such a good boy! One of my favorite things about Rosco was that even neutered and old, he still took any opportunity he could to try and mount a pretty female (dog, that is!). I know it drove Neely crazy, but it made me laugh! Neely and her husband Andy and daughter Evelyn have recently added Kobe to their family. He's a cute little buff cocker spaniel, and he's definitely got a lot of personality! He whines all the time while playing (which drives Andy nuts) and even at 8 weeks old, tried to mount any female in sight (of course, AGAIN, driving Neely nuts). He recently got neutered, which in my opinion, seems to have helped that situation, however it still makes me laugh. Rosco is definitely teaching him his ways in spirit!

Another pool-party visitor, Rosco!

Little Kobe is definitely helping Neely get past the loss of Rosco

Another heart-breaking recent story, is my friend Heather and her dog Chloe. Chloe's cancer set in so fast and so hard, Heather never even saw it coming. Not even 2 weeks before noticing a change in her behavior, Chloe was over at our house having a ball playing in the pool and running around with all the other dogs at one of Mia's pool parties. A week and a half later Heather noticed her hips giving out a little bit. Being an older dog, she suspected hip issues and took her to the vet. To her big surprise, Chloe had cancer that had spread all the way across her body. The vet told her she didn't have long, and Chloe passed within days of her diagnosis. From the pool party to Chloe's last moments was only 15 days. I definitely am so glad Heather, her boyfriend and Chloe had the opportunity to come over that day, because I know Chloe had such a great time!

Chloe in the pool just 2 weeks before she passed

Seriously, does this look like a sick dog?!?!

I definitely wanted to take a moment to remember these truly amazing dogs, however I hope I don't have to write another one of these blogs for a very long time...

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