Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A Day In The Woods

I've been wanting to take Mia out to the property where my dad and Cathy hunt, there's just one big problem - there's always hunting going on! Between all the different hunting seasons, there's little time to have free reign to just play out in the woods. I have no qualms with hunting (as long as it's done legally and ethically) but I don't enjoy hunting myself, so I rarely have the opportunity to go out there either. We spent an afternoon a few weeks ago riding around on the swamp buggy (the same swamp buggy I fell off the top of many years ago - funny now, I was pretty mad at my dad back then lol), hanging out at camp (where my dad took Mia for a 4-wheeler ride) and playing at a favorite swimming/fishing spot. Mia is quite the little tom-boy, so she had a great time.

My dad is teaching her how to stand up-right in the water

Cute little guy

Another cute little guy

Hangin' out on the swamp buggy

Mia's 4-Wheeler Adventure

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