Sunday, August 7, 2011

Baby Zane

Mia passed another test today - the newborn test! We went to visit my good friends Neely and Andy, along with their 3.5 year old daughter Evelyn and their 2 day old baby Zane. I feel like an awful person for saying this, but I do not think most newborns are cute - most of them are oddly shaped and just weird looking overall, however baby Zane is absolutely beautiful! Mia was so gentle with him and gave him many sniffs and a few gentle licks. We put Zane on the floor for a while, on his blanket, and Mia was even good knowing anywhere on the blanket was off limits to dogs. She would stand at the edge of the blanket and lean in for a sniff. So proud of my little Monkey and so happy for my friends and their brand new family of four :)

"Hmm, what is this?"

Zane's new bodyguard :)

Stinky feet!

Isn't he gorgeous?!

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