Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Mia Hosts Her Last Pool Party...

Today was very bittersweet. While I'm soooooooooooo excited to finally close on my very first home, I will definitely miss the pool I've had the pleasure of enjoying the last couple of years. It has definitely helped me turn Mia into a water-dog and I feel a little twinge of guilt that she won't have a pool of her own to enjoy anymore. I just keep reminding myself that we do live in Florida, so there's not exactly a shortage of water for us to enjoy!

Today's pool party was by far the busiest one we've ever had. I suppose people realized this was their last chance to get in on the fun! We had 14 dogs all together, it was pretty crazy! We had 5 first time visitors (Brisbane the Australian shepherd, Liebe the German shepherd, Apple the mix, Mavi the greyhound and Rowdy the husky mix) and 9 "regulars" (Kobe the cocker spaniel, Ruby the doberman, Harvin & Wuerffel the doberman/lab mixes, Hailey the rotteweiller, Moose the great dane and Abby the pit mix). Oh yeah, and of course, Mia and Ashes!

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