Monday, November 14, 2011

ASPCA $100K Challenge Wrap-Up

Mia and I had such a great time this summer being the spokesdog for Orange County Animal Services during their participation in the ASPCA $100k Challenge. Mia got to do a public service announcement, we went to an adoption event, she had a photoshoot with the Chik-fil-A cow and she got to spend a day at University of Doglando. The best part was that her photo (taken by my friend Amanda King) was one of the finalists in the Challenge's photo contest, so she won OCAS $1000!

While they did not win the grand prize, OCAS did save 2302 lives! That's an average of over 25 animals per day!

Here are a few pictures from the Challenge.

"Sky's The Limit" was the theme for September

"Barktoberfest" for October

Flora (the spokescat) and Mia's first meeting - it went really well! Flora usually HATES dogs and will chase them out of the room, but she tolerated Mia.

Mia and Flora on set during the shoot for their public service announcement

Mia and the cow - I thought she'd be freaked out, but she actually liked him!

Mia modeling OCAS's buttons, "I Love Pitbulls", "I Love Mia" and "I love Flora"

The photo that won $1000 for the shelter :)

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