Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Kobe's Birthday & Little Laila

Today Mia got to hang out with two old friends and one new friend. One of her best buds, Kobe, came over to celebrate his first birthday and share some of his birthday cake with Mia and Hayley. Mia also got to make a new friend - my neighbors recently adopted a puppy so they brought her over to play. Little Laila definitely had more fun playing with Kobe! Hopefully as she gets bigger, she will find Mia to be a suitable playmate as well ;)

Happy Birthday Kobe!!

"Mom, can I please just eat my cake? Why do you always have to take pictures of me with my cake?!"

Best Buds ~ Mia, Kobe and Hayley

Laila and Kobe

Laila and Kobe

Mia wanted to play so bad, but they wouldn't let her :/

Cutie Laila

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