Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's Day Boating Day

Another day on the boat, another day on our favorite lake...Lake Butler. It was a nice day, but it honestly could have been a little bit warmer and a lot less windy! We tried to do some wakeboarding (it was my dads first time!) but the weather just wasn't cooperating. We also got Mia up on the kneeboard by herself again and we ran into some old osprey friends. Probably the most funny part of the day though was Scooter, my cousin's dog that I was watching for the weekend. He's not much of an out-doorsy doggie, but he really seemed to enjoy being on the boat and even though he might not have loved this adventure, we also got him up on the kneeboard ;)

Scooter modeling on the boat

Watch out Scooter, here comes Mia!

Scooter on the wakeboard

I didn't wakeboard for long, it was too rough out there

First timer :)

Cathy wouldn't try out the wakeboard, but we at least got her on the kneeboard

Perfect boat dog

Boat Girls :)

Mia kneeboarding - lesson learned of the day: drive faster so the board doesn't sink

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