Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Fido Commercial

Mia was sooooo close to being in a big Canadian cell phone commercial. The company is called Fido, so all of their advertisements are dog-based and they wanted to shoot a commercial with dogs "wakeboarding". We all know how great Mia is at this, so friend who works out in California for "Birds & Animals" (the company hired to supply the "talent") contacted me and put me in contact with the Orlando peops putting it all together. She did great at the test shoot, but they ended up training enough of their own dogs to do it, so they didn't want to pay me. I was so disappointed, I would have LOVED to see my monkey in a commercial. Here is the final cut and also a making-of for the finished commercial. It's pretty cute, but would have been way cuter with Mia!! And they wouldn't have needed 3 weeks to train her, just sayin'...

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