Friday, July 6, 2012

Mia's First Vacation

Mia and I took a trip to visit Charleston, South Carolina. This is her first big vacation and first time out of the state of Florida. I got her all packed up and ready to go - look how excited she looks :)

Being the picture freak that I am, I of course wanted to stop and get pics of her in the different states. Our first stop was the Georgia welcome center, where I snapped this cute picture of her - I'm not sure if Georgia is on her mind, or if the extreme heat Georgia is dealing with right now is on her mind. It was seriously hotter in Georgia (and SC for that matter) than it was in Florida!

It was right after this moment taking this picture that it dawned on me - "I think I locked the keys in the car." NOT a good way to start out vacation, especially with a dog outside when it's over 100 degrees (it's a good thing I didn't lock her in the car though, or I'd have had to immediately smash in the window). Instead, I hesitantly took her inside the welcome center, apologized to the girl at the desk since I know dogs aren't allowed inside and explained to her my situation. Luckily, she was so sweet and helpful and looked up my insurance on her computer so I could call and get road side assistance. They were more than happy to let Mia hang out inside in the A/C while we waited (it's always nice to have such a cute dog that people immediately fall in love with) :)

After road side showed up, Mia and I headed back out on our road trip and several hours later, safely made it to Charleston.

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