Monday, August 13, 2012

Babysitting Zane

Zane was Mia's first newborn friend. He was born last August to my good friends Neely & Andy and I was anxious to see how Mia would react to him. I brought her with me to visit Zane the day they came home from the hospital. My heart smiled to see her so gentle around him. They've been buddies ever since - Neely often doggie-sits for me while I'm at work (I always tell her it's too much, she has enough on her plate, but she swears she loves having her and claims that she keeps her dog and 4 year old busy). I babysat Zane for an entire day (those who know me well know this is a rarity, as I don't really know what to do with small kids). Zane was great, way easier than I thought he'd be, and I got lots of cute pictures of them interacting :)

dog bed and a bone...babies can't really be all that different from dogs can they? They're both loud, needy and stinky :P

Zane - "haha, Mia is soooo funny!"
Mia - "throw the ball kid!"

He thought he was stuck and started crying. I was laughing and taking pictures.

Toddler snack time is VERY exciting! I also watched their dog, Kobe.

Naptime in the dog bed :P

You know you have a good dog when she lets a toddler use her foot to push the music buttons on his book <3

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