Monday, February 22, 2010

Busy busy busy

These last two days have been super busy for little Mia. I started off yesterday with a good neighborhood walk. Mia is getting so good at being on the leash - I only let her stay right by my side and she is all too happy to do so, with no pulling. One of the neighbors was out washing his car, with his chocolate lab out. Mia and Cocoa made instant friends!

Next we took a trip up to Petco. Mia is so good out in the public. She's friendly and curious, but not super crazy.

We then headed over to my mom and stepdad's. Needless to say, they loved her! Grandma Soyer even gave her some presents. As for Grandpa Soyer, lets just say that Mia learned where the treat cabinet was within about 10 minutes of getting there - he's such a sucker! She's already got him wrapped around her little paw. Matt and Danyel also loved her. She was so cute with Matt and his friend Jordan. She chased them up the stairs but then was too scared to come down. Matt couldn't believe me when I put her leash on and pretty much dragged her down - hey, she's gotta learn somehow.

I woke up this morning to a not-so-great surprise. Mia has no appetite for any food or water. She's been voracious the last couple days with her meals, so this of course worried me. Luckily, I had scheduled her first vet visit for this afternoon - what perfect timing! The vet told me since she came from Animal Control she was almost 100% positive that Mia was coming down with an upper respiratory infection and the reason she had no appetite was because she was losing her sense of smell. The vet tech heated up some stinky soft food and Mia gulped it down - proving her point. So she put her on some tough antibiotics. I'm so glad we caught this before she was really sick.

After our trip to the vet, I grabbed some Chipotle and headed downtown to Lake Eola. We ate lunch in the playground area and Mia passed the kid test several more times, even with a not-so-gentle 3 year old. Lake Eola has a great mile long path filled with swans, ducks and other birds. There were also a ton of other dogs out. I don't know how I got so lucky but Mia is such a good little girl. She has such good manners around everyone and everything. I think the funniest part of the walk was when we ran into a family with a little tyke (she was maybe 1 year old, just learning how to walk). Her parents asked if they could put her down with Mia and take some pictures of the two of them. The little girl, Leila, was only mildly interested in Mia - she patted her head a few times and that was about it. But then Mia gave her a little kiss on her nose - lets just say that little Leila DID NOT like that! She started wailing like someone had just tried to kill her. All we could do, including her parents, was laugh. They kept trying to tell her she was just giving her a kiss, but she wanted nothing to do with Mia after that. Hopefully they got a few cute pictures before that point lol.

Who rescued who?

After our walk around the park we headed over to my dad and stepmom's for dinner and Mia playtime. On the way, we drove by Mia's old stomping ground, Pine Hills, to see where she was picked up. There was a Pet Supermarket on the corner, so I'm really hoping that someone dropped her off there for Animal Control to pick up. I hate to think that she was just roaming the streets.

My dad and Cathy have a huge yard, so it was fun letting Mia roam around. Their neighbors have a big Belgian Malinois that Mia was determined to be friends with. He was locked up in a kennel but was pining for Mia. She decided to be a bad girl and do something she hasn't done yet - start digging under the fence! After being scolded a couple times she gave up, but it was too cute. The neighbor eventually came out and let her dog out in the yard. He is a retired cop dog and is almost entirely blind so it was pretty funny watching him try to find Mia. They finally did meet noses through the fence and exchanged a few kisses. Mia also found fun new play toys in their yard - sticks!


It was another long, fun day for Mia and yet another night I got a full night's sleep!

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