Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Smart Puppy!

Mia has been learning new behaviors on super-speed! I would love to think it's my awesome animal training skills, however I think she's just a super smart little pup. Also, I use her meals for training sessions - every piece of food she eats she has to work for. I've had her for less than a week and she already knows "sit", "down", "wait" and "drop it".

Her "sit" is pretty solid, as long as you set her up for success. She doesn't know it on the proper hand signal quite yet, but I think she's understanding the word pretty well. In addition to using food (which she is always successful with!) I also ask her to sit every time we come back inside, before I open the door.

Her "down" is so cute because she keeps her front half in the same spot and just slides her butt down to the ground.

Believe it or not, her most solid behavior right now is "wait". She's so stinking cute, as soon as I say "wait" she backs up a few feet and just stares at the food! I started putting it on her paw and holding her by the collar (so she doesn't back up) and she's starting to get that too.

Her "drop it" is pretty solid for tug-of-war type toys, and anything that I'm holding onto. She does the same thing as her "wait" - she will back up and stare at it. I think if she had a toy on her own and I asked her to drop it she probably wouldn't understand, but we'll get there soon enough.

Tonight I started training her "up" so I can teach her how to dance. A couple of successful "up's" later though, my poor fingers couldn't take anymore of her puppy teeth. So instead of working on "up" I think her next behavior will be "gentle" lol!

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