Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Another Busy, Fun Day

Today was another fun, busy day. Mia had her second boat day, but this time with two other doggies - Tahoe, a 10 year old lab and Abigail, a 4 year old Corgie. I went out with some people who live on Lake Prairie, which is considered a seaplane airport (I think that's so cool!). Mia did great and seemed to have a great time. She still wasn't too confident about being in the deep water, but she was crazy about the swim platform on the back of the boat and had to be consistently held inside the boat so she wouldn't jump out lol! I think she picked up the habit from Abigail who, although she's a great swimmer, has to wear her life-jacket while the boat is moving because she's been known to jump overboard!

Mia's Boating Adventure Pictures

After leaving their house, we headed over to Aaron and DeAnna's to meet up with them and some other friends for dinner, drinks and smore's. In total there were 6 dogs in attendance so Mia had a great time there too! We were both pretty exhausted by the time we got home :)

Mia and Lucy playing (these two are always picking on each other!)

Mia resting in Aaron and DeAnna's jungle backyard :)

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