Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Australian Kelpie?

I've heard all sorts of opinions from others about what Mia is, anything from doberman and lab (seem pretty legit) to pitbull and shepherd (c'mon guys, really?!). One friend commented on one of her pictures about what a great little Aussie Kelpie she was. I don't know anything about the breed, so I turned to Google.

Here is a picture of Mia

Note the following markings: floppy ears, tan eyebrows, tan legs, tan mixed in with muzzle, white back toes and two (it's hard to see from this angle, you can at least see one) tan chest patches.

Check out this little guy...

Yeah, I know he's black, but other than that he has all the exact markings I just noted above.

They look just like Mia!

This one looks just like her too!

Other than the white chest, this little dude is pretty close too

An Australian Kelpie all grown up


  1. oh, yeah! she does seem to have a high share of AK in her...

    i found this, which seems right on when you consider the way she jumped up on the boat gunwale this past weekend:
    Kelpies generally excel in agility trials. An Australian Kelpie set the world record for dog jumping when he jumped 2.91 metres.
    Kelpies have been claimed to have some Dingo blood.

  2. Thanks for your blog! Our rescue dog (surrended by the mom dog's family and picked up by a friend) was told to us to be a Australian Cattle Dog and Yorkie. What? Is that possible? As he has grown up I am becoming more and more sure that my friend misheard Kelpie for Cattle and Corgie for Yorkie. Your blog confirmed that I am certain our Tucker is Kelpie Corgie. Same colors as the one above with white breast, little corgie legs and face much like your Mia. What a sweetie he is! Thanks.

  3. Isn't it fun to try and guess what our little mutts are?! :) Mia definitely looked like a kelpie when she was a puppy, but now that she's full grown she doesn't look much like the full-grown kelpies...oh well, I guess I'll never know :)