Monday, July 12, 2010

Just What Kind of Monkey Do We Have Here?

I say that I really don't care what Mia is, but in all honesty, I am super curious. Everyone keeps telling me to do a DNA test on her, however I've always thought they were a scam. So I was really exciting to hear that my aunt and uncle bought one for their dog. When they adopted him, they were told he was a mastiff/doberman mix - and their test came back mastiff/doberman! They didn't send in any information on him, such as size, color, etc. that might help them out. I was pretty shocked that it came back so seemingly accurate, so I've been shopping on ebay for the last few weeks for the same brand of test. I finally won one for $23! I'm still not sure I believe in the accuracy of the test, but I'm pretty excited to find out the results in a few weeks anyways. :)

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