Saturday, July 10, 2010

Dog Beach

James and I took Ashes and Mia to the beach today. There's really only one dog-friendly beach area around and it's called Ponce Inlet. It's the inlet that separates Daytona Beach and New Smyrna Beach. Last time I took Mia to the beach with DeAnna and Harvin, we went to the Daytona side. Since then, James has been to both sides and he likes the New Smyrna side better, so that's where we went. It was WAY better! It's a beautiful, calm beach with small waves and soft, white sand, and very few shells. The Daytona side is very rocky and shelly and tore up our feet. We took along another friend from work, Alyson, and then met up with more work friends, Beanie, Jason and Nicole, as well as their dogs, Buddy and Remington.

Mia taking on the monster waves!

This was the first time I've taken Mia to the beach since she's gotten really comfortable being in water and actually seeming to enjoy swimming. She did so great! She really seemed to like going out and jumping in the waves and swimming around in the deeper water (well, deep for her anyways). There were a few times when you could tell she'd had enough and then she'd try to crawl into your arms :)

Look how beautiful the beach is!

More Beach Pictures

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