Friday, July 23, 2010

The Results Are In - We Have A Mutt!

Mia's DNA results arrived today, and just as I suspected, Mia is a pure-bred MUTT!

According to this test, she's approximately 37-74% Labrador Retriever, 20-36% Boxer, 20-36% Shih Tzu, <10% Bichon Frise and <10% English Setter.

Obviously they don't guarantee their results to 100% accuracy and they only have 85 breeds that they test for (the most common ones), however I feel pretty confident that the results are someone accurate. If we find another cheap kit on ebay, we might test my roommates dog, Ashes, who's apparently a pure-bred Australian Shepherd, just to test it out ;)

Here's her "Ancestry Analysis Certificate" lol

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