Thursday, March 3, 2011

Agility - Week 2

Mia did great tonight! At one point one of our trainers asked if Mia and I had ever taken agility classes before because she looked so great. Then again, at the end of the class, came back over and said she thought Mia was going to be a great agility dog. I was such a proud Momma :)

Tonight we practiced different types of recalls, were told to practice training a target, did more tunnels, got the dogs up on the table, practiced the a-frame and did a quick tire jump. Overall, it was a great night.

As I pay attention and listen, Mia tries to sniff every square inch of the field

One of the trainers demonstrating how her dog follows her back leg

Training Mia to follow my back leg

Practicing more types of recalls

Look at her focus :)

Mia acing her sit-stay on the table

This was definitely Mia's weakness tonight - she was supposed to walk on the boardwalk, but was too busy trying to sniff all around it for dropped treats - so we tried to make her a "breadcrumb trail" of cheese

Mia learning she has to have her two front feet on the ground, while keeping her two back feet on the walk

Mia on the a-frame

Mia's first (and only for the night) tire jump

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