Thursday, March 24, 2011

Agility - Week 4

Last night was another agility class for us. I really think if we stick with it, Mia is going to be a superstar! She really seems to enjoy it and for the most part has done great. Her weakness so far seems to be slowing down at the end of the walks (during a competition, her feet have to touch the last segment, meaning they have to run all the way down, not just run down and jump off). Carl is going to build her a walk so we can practice at home :)

Tonight we introduced the shoot, which I've been dying to try! I've been really curious how Mia would do with this, since she's basically running into something she can't see the end of. We started out with two people at the end holding the shoot open so the dogs could see all the way through. Mia did great, since it was essentially just like the tunnel. As they closed it more and more it really didn't seem to phase her and by the end of the class ran through it just fine.

The highlight of the class for me came at the very end. We were practicing going over a jump, through a tunnel and then two more jumps. Mia was doing well with that, so I decided to keep going through the field, over to the shoot, then through the tire jump, then to the table where she did a lay-wait. She did them all flawlessly! I asked her a few more times, however by then she was starting to get really distracted by all of the Level 2 dogs showing up, but I was really excited she did it perfect once! So, to recap, in one go she did jump, tunnel, jump, jump, shoot, tire, table - what a rockstar! :)

I'm also really excited because Carl built her weave poles! He's going to put them all together this weekend, so I'm really looking forward to working on that with her. Hopefully when we get to that point in our lessons, she'll already be a few steps ahead ;)

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