Sunday, March 20, 2011

Mia's First Polo Match

Carl and I were lucky enough to enjoy both the Nespresso brunch and the BMW tailgate at a polo match at the International Polo Club Palm Beach a few weeks ago, thanks to his aunts connections. This was the first polo match either of us had ever been too and we had a blast! I had no idea how much fun they could be. Even knowing nothing about the sport, I loved watching the horses and of course eating all of the food. The only thing that made me sad was realizing after arriving that it was dog friendly. I would have never dreamed this, so of course I left Mia behind. We got lucky again and got some tickets again to the BMW tailgate for this past weekends match (which ended up being the Gold Cup Finals, which I guess is a pretty big deal) so Carl and I went, and took along my friend Amanda and her yorkie-poo, Leia.

Leia is the perfect little polo dog :)

with Chukker, the polo mascot

Me and Amanda with our girls :)

The weather was beautiful (a little hot, but I'm not complaining!) and the dogs loved it. I could tell Mia was pretty hot, but it wasn't anything she couldn't handle. I made sure to douse her with water a few times and she ate about 100 ice cubes. During half-time and after the match was over everyone was allowed on the field, so the dogs had a blast running around. After the Gold Cup Finals ceremony they handed out tons of yellow roses, so we had a great time posing the dogs with them. I honestly wouldn't be surprised if Mia and/or Leia end up in some sort of polo magazine/article/video/etc. by the number of photographers and videographers they attracted with their flower poses. What fun little girls and what a fun day!

Running on the field, what a nut!

Leia is so darn cute!

Beautiful girls, beautiful flowers


They both really enjoyed taking their vengeance out on the flowers after they were done posing!

Check out all the pictures from our fun polo match!

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