Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Doggie Pool Party

Last months pool party went so well (as well as the ones from last year) so Mia and I had another one! Her friends that were in attendance this time were Moose (the merle dane), Ella (the black dane), Hailey (the rotteweiler), Ruby (the doberman), Kobe (the cocker spaniel) and of course Ashes. As usual, the dogs had a blast. Ella and Ruby are both semi-recent rescues and although we're not sure how much water they were around in the past, it's clearly evident they're not huge fans of it. We did manage to get both of them in without traumatizing them too much...I think ;)

Moose and Mia

Watch out Evelyn, Ella and Moose are coming through!

Really Kobe? Trying to mount a great dane?! It's a good thing he's getting his manhood removed next week! ;)

Nicole trying to tell Ruby she's having fun...she's not buying it!

Love this picture Moose, so handsome

Hailey finally found a pool toy that's big enough for her!

Ruby, Mia, Ashes and Ella rompin' around in the backyard

What good dogs :) And yes, you can get this many dogs to sit still long enough to snap a photo ;)

And the best part, a relaxing evening to myself with a very worn out monkey!

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