Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Kayaking Rock Springs Run

Last year I made the mistake of going wakeboarding the day before a trip I planned with Dad and Cathy to go kayaking. I was so sore, even turning my head made every muscle in my neck scream out in pain. Would you believe that I made the exact same plans again this week?! This time however, I took it easy with the wakeboarding and did fewer runs. I was still pretty sore this morning, but not nearly as bad as last time. We also made the decision to put Mia in their kayak (a much larger tandem/hybrid kayak with plenty of room for a monkey) so I didn't have to deal with her on my little 9.5 footer. We had a great time, however we had to do our favorite run much earlier than we prefer since the place we take out at closed at 7pm, instead of 9pm (I guess they're not on summer hours yet). We didn't see as much wildlife as last time (such as the 3 baby bears we saw last year) but we still saw plenty of birds, turtles, fish, gators and a beautiful pregnant deer.

Here's a link to our map of the route we took

Here's a link to last years trip down Rock Springs Run

Dad and Cathy with Mia

Great blue heron


She just watched us go by

The largest of the gators we saw that day

We laughed so hard watching Mia try to swim upstream!

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