Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Beach Day

I'm a little overdue for a good beach blog, don't you think? Mia and I headed over to our all-time favorite spot, Ponce Inlet. We met up with my friend Luciane and her two kids, as well as her dogs, Summer and Mowgli. Mia has known Summer for some time, however this was her first time meeting Mowgli. Let's just say Mowgli has A LOT of energy! Even Mia got worn out at times with Mowgli's antics, but of course she had a ton of fun. We stayed pretty much all day, left to get some dinner, then Mia and I headed back to the beach to catch the sunset. We also saw a manatee, and as usual, several dolphins. What a gorgeous day!

Mia meeting a starfish

I love this picture

Where Summer hung out most of the day (she's an older doggie, and didn't have a lot of patience or interest in playing with Mia and Mowgli)

I told you this dog was crazy!!!

Mia and Mowgli chasing each other

Baywatch Mia

Two crabs fighting over dinner

She's trying to figure out why this "thing" (sand dollar) is so interesting..."C'mon Mom, it doesn't even move!"

Skies on fire

Ponce Inlet dusk

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