Sunday, June 19, 2011

Kayaking Upper Wekiva River

Father's Day is all about the father right? Neh, it's all about the monkey :) Just kidding of course, the pops had a great day. We spent it kayaking down the upper half of the Wekiva River, from Wekiva Island to Katie's Landing. We didn't see as much wildlife, since we passed through several busy spots (and being that it was Father's Day it makes sense it was a little crowded) but it was a great day. We did see one HUGE monster gator! He was going in the same direction we were and instead of just immediately swimming away, he slowly swam while keeping his head torqued to watch us. This isn't normal alligator behavior, so it freaked us out a little bit. I definitely held on to Mia so she didn't jump in for a swim for quite a while after this!

What a beautiful morning!

Pretty big gator, watching us as it slowly swims away

Mia definitely saw and was watching the gator

"What, this isn't how I'm supposed to sit in the kayak?"

Happy Girl :)

She looks thrilled in this picture!

This dog has so much fun!

Going for a cruise on the little kayak with Cathy

Mia loves to grab every single leaf as we go by, silly girl!

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  1. the video was great! she's such a silly monkey!