Thursday, January 5, 2012


I have now fostered 18 cats and kittens but have yet to foster any dogs. Now that I have my own house with a yard and some extra space I decided to take on the challenge. Katie is my first foster dog, she is a 2 year old pit bull. Sniffing Snouts Rescue pulled her from Orange County Animal Services. She ended up at the shelter pregnant and the only way the shelter would allow the rescue pull was if her puppies were aborted, so that is just what ended up happening :(

Even though she's been through a lot, she is the sweetest, most loving girl! Pit bulls unfortunately get a bad wrap, one that they most definitely do not deserve. Most of the incidents you hear of on the news aren't even pit bulls! Katie is definitely the type of pit bull that will change peoples minds about the breed. Hopefully I will find her a home as soon as possible. She is such a lovebug and deserves to find her furever family that will give her all the attention and love she is craving.

Katie (on the left) with my Mia...just look at those soulful eyes!

She looooooves her bones!

Happy girl :)

Cuddling with Mia

Cute, sleeping little pibble :)

Katie just doesn't understand why it takes Mia so long to eat her dinner!

Katie meeting little Zane - she was in LOVE!

Zane was smacking her in the face and she just kept trying to give him kisses

This is why pit bulls used to be called "nanny dogs" :)

Katie playing with my neighbors puppy, Laila

Blurry tail = happy dog :)

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