Wednesday, February 8, 2012

One Sick Puppy

Man has Mia had a rough week! It started when I came home from work on Superbowl Sunday - as soon as I opened the garage door the smell of diarrhea hit me like a brick! My poor baby was sitting a puddle of her own poo in her crate. Not only was it all pooled up in the crate, but it was all over the floor AND the walls. It was so bad I didn't even know what to do at first. Finally I just decided it was inevitable - I simply opened up the crate, scooped her up (covering myself in diarrhea) and ran her outside to hose her off so I could clean up inside. I will spare you the pictures (trust me, you don't want to see them). First thing the next morning we headed up to the vet. After a physical and a fecal exam, nothing was concluded, so we were sent home with some meds and instructions to keep her calm for a while.

Just as she was getting totally regular again with all of her "business", I wake up to the sight of her paw the size of a baseball. So back to the vet we went! After x-rays showed nothing conclusive we were again sent home with more meds (and another nice vet bill). I assumed it was some sort of insect or spider bite, but the swelling was too big to see anything. After the swelling went down, two small bite-looking marks were visible, so I am definitely blaming a spider!

Mia not only got lots of sympathy, love and some very expensive medications, she also got home cooked meals! I do not ever give Mia human food (ok, that's a lie, she does get a Thanksgiving dinner) but I did cook her chicken and rice dinners to keep her tummy calm. She was quite miserable though and I was a very happy Mommy when she was finally back to her self!

Mia wearing the cone of shame so she'll stop licking her paw

"Mom, I thought you loved me?"

Poor baby feels like poo

Fat paw

Home cooked meals for my sick baby (and some expensive meds)

Notice her gimpy paw up :(

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