Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Mia's Busy Day

Mia had quite the busy day. First stop, Winter Park Pet Villa. My friend from work won a $25 gift certificate and since she doesn't have a dog she gave it to Mia. I don't get Mia groomed often since she never needs a haircut and I can do her nails and teeth myself, but every girl needs to be pampered occasionally :) I dropped her off and they kept her for almost 3 hours! They gave her a bath, blow-dried her, cut her nails, cleaned her teeth and cleaned her ears.

"Thank you for making me look (and smell!) so pretty!"

So what's Mia's next stop? Hmm, well, she looks really excited to find out.

"That was fun Mom, where are we going next?!"

Soon enough Mia would find out her next adventure wouldn't be as much fun. She was going to the vet! She loved the waiting room, however when her exam began she was not a happy girl. My poor little monkey trembled in fear as Dr. Eans examined her. He said he could hardly hear her heartbeat because she was shaking so hard, and he couldn't feel her abdomen at all, since it was rock hard from her being so tense. Other than that she got a clean bill of health, got her vaccinations and tested negative for heartworm (she hadn't been tested for it up to today, since when I adopted her she was too young).

"You actually want me to pose in a picture with this man after all he just put me through???"

She looks relieved that her ordeal is over ;)

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